Roman Christian

Roman Christian

Papa FELIX (Secundus) has passed away as head of the church in 492AD and has so far failed at preventing the Scism of the Church into two major faction (Eastern Orthodxy and Roman Christianity) as the Empire in the west collapses. He was succeeded by Papa Galsius – A hawkish man and has initiated a strong purge of paganism in the christian domains; though so far largely based in Rome. He died in the year 496 AD and was replaced by the new pope

Papa ANASTASIUS Secundus – he has a reputation for hardwork and a consolatory disposition; perhaps he can heal the split between the Orthodox and the new Roman Churches?

Bishops in this tradition are appointed by the Church

in 492 AD Bishop Dubricous of London is the most senior Roman Catholic in Britain, and he is based in the Church of St Mary the Virgin (also known as the tower church, and all hallows church)

It was obviously re-built form an older (Roman) Temple

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Roman Christian

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