The mightiest empire in recorded history has fallen in the west. Whilst the family of Julius Nepos still claims to be Emperors in the west, it was the Germanic King and General Odoacer who ruled most of Italy until recently.

After his death Theodroic the Great became King of the Visigoths. He is a shrewd tactician and politician, and has happily assumed the title of Viceroy of the Western Empire (though everyone knows he is in fact king of the western Visigoths and Vandals in all but name)

Most Roman people these days are less of a political allegiance and now more a style of behavior and education. Many traditional Romans have fled east to Constantinople and the byzantine empire, or joined fully with the Roman Catholic Church.

The remainder are now scattered across the western empire, holding on to their way of life as best they can in the face of the Germanic tide that seeks to sweep them away.

The Forty Families of London are a last light of the Roman Empire in the far west, and many refugees form Gaul have fled their since Preator Syagrius lost the last western province for the Empire

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