Rumours and Gossip

Rumours, Gossip and Lies

This is a place where you can leave rumours or gossip that may be used to have a laugh or even influence NPC/PC’s alike in the game.

Sarum Court

  • someone at Sarum tried to Poison King Uther when he last visited here!
  • This years Gossip at Spring court (498 AD)

“Don’t you think matters are just getting worse?”
“Well, I’ll say that, with all these Saxons showing up, there won’t be a man shortage soon!”
“Listen, darlings, it can’t be good next year if they all take cattle; we will starve if we pay this tribute…”
“Let me tell you, this stand off wont last forever; sooner or later they will ask for tribute, and then stop taking no for an answer – and then we will wish we HAD paid the tribute… We have to do something.”
“Uh huh, better to pay the tribute than being burned out and besieged. Look at those Saxon guards. If their men ever come over these walls we’ll all have Saxon bastards next spring.”

Lady Ellen

  • was actually married to Sir Gadwick before she married Earl Rodderick, and the marriage was never annulled… That Means your Earl Robbert is a bastard and has no right to rule!
  • she had an affair with Sir Marcus Arilius !!
  • she had an affair with Sir Jarad !!
  • she has received a marriage proposal from Prince mark of Cornwall

Sir Pedre

Sir Hywel

  • Murders his own men on the smallest of pretexts…

Bishop Rodger

  • the Good Bishop does not like the growing influence of Father Twei
  • The Lady Siani has been granted refuge in the fortified manor at Tilshead, where she and the bishop spend a great deal of time together… they are oh so very close these days… its disgusting if you ask me, she didn’t even wait for her husbands body to cool, and him a man of the church!
  • the Bishop has been spending an awful lot of money since he became Chamberlain to Salisbury
  • Hes been tainted ever since he took on that devil Sir Marcus Arilius if you ask me

Sir Ganis DeToureny

  • Some say that despite his claims to be a christian, his family has made a pact with the Devil, hence the six fingers on the left hand that is passed on down their line.

Sir Maddog of Ramsey

  • Some say he cheats on his wife, and that he even beddded some strumpet on the day of their marriage
  • Some say he is in league with dark powers
  • The readiness with which he cursed the Wessex herald is surely testimony to that! And in front of the whole court too.
  • Ive heard that he has a catamite! a blind cripple at that, and whats worse…. hes some kind of commoner!!! disgusting if you ask me
  • I have heard that he is the bastard son of a witch from Wandborough, who worships ravens! That is why he has taken the raven as his sigil, he is PROUD of his unnatural roots!

Sir Ursal

  • Isnt who he claims to be, he is some sort of sorcerous impostor and should be burned at the stake!
  • It is said that his new found respect or women has arisen is due to something else that can no longer “arise” and it was this that drove him into the woods for seven years.

Lady Jenna

  • Isnt who she claims to be, she is some sort of sorcerous impostor and should be burned at the stake!

Sir Brychan Eurion

  • Isnt who he claims to be, he is some sort of sorcerous impostor and should be burned at the stake!
  • He has bright red boots, to hide the blood he wades through every night!
  • Has a loyal band of men-at-arms who are as ferocious as they are ill-adjusted.

Sir Gerin Lotha

  • Has an older sister who is more man than woman, she even fights duels and wins Bohorts!
  • Allegedly his fury against the Saxons in recent years is due to a botched Saxon berserker ritual performed on him at St. Albans, the runic scars of which he still bears to this day.
  • They say he is currently plotting to overtake the entire county by expanding his influence across the region he calls “the Fords”, although his fellow conspirators fervently deny such accusations and claim to have little memory of the yearly courts he holds at Stapleford due to excessive inebriation.

Sir Dolwyn Kellen

  • Someone told me that he has a whole harem of wives and mistresses, with whom he sleeps with often, but even that is not enough for him!
  • He is a lecherous pervert. I heard he and Sir Briant once fornicated with a brothel’s entire staff, and each other!
  • I have heard that he rides his horses in most unsavoury manner.

Sir Sewyl

  • I’ve been told he is a dangerous and violent man, that he once walked into a hall on a peaceful mission, only to pick a fight with the first man he set eyes upon!
  • I have heard that his insatiable bloodlust has spurred him to build fighting pits at his own manor, with the intention of watching men kill each other for his own pleasure.
  • His new bride and he have had a child already, its amazing how an experienced older woman can achieve in a day what most people take nine months to do…
  • Sir Sewyl’s tournament was just supposed to be a money making scheme. Unfortunately it backfired when no one would bet against him leading him to quit his own competition in a fit of pique.

Sir Neys

  • Is an embarrassment to Salisbury, he was laid low like a dainty flower at his knighting ceremony. How can a man like that possibly hope to survive a battle?

Sir Caddoc of Falt

*Rumours say that he is trying to train birds to defend Blackwood from the Saxons.

Sir Briant

  • Once fornicated with a brothel’s entire staff, alongside Sir Dolwyn Kellen ! Apparently it was Sir Dolwyn that corrupted the other man, but with that said he needed little by way of persuasion.
  • I have heard that he is such a good hunter because he executes criminals by releasing them in the woods and hunting them down with his hounds.

Lady Siani

  • She has magical powers, how else do you explain an esquires daughter becoming to the Wife of a Lord of a Hundred and one of Lady Ellen’s chief handmaidens in just a couple of years!
  • The common folk are wary of crossing this woman in case she ensorcels them like she has the Court of Sarum and people in Tilshead are too frightened to complain about it!
  • she has ensorcelled Bishop Rodger and is corrupting him away from the church and into devil worship!
  • The High seat of Branch & Dole lost two lords in as many years.
  • The woods nearby host a myriad of dark things and Sir Gerin Lotha has called for these woods to be purged

The Common Folk Say

“A strange man has been spotted by the brooks and rivers across Salisbury.”
“Aye, an ’e reeks of fish, has scaled skin, sunken eyes and a gash across his chest!”
“He is a ghost I tell you! – summoned by necromancers…”
“your drunk man, hes a herald or messenger thats gotten lost is all”
“your almost right. Hes lost his marbles, and so have you if you believe that lot”

" Im so hungry, i hope they dont pay the tribute to the Saxons, we will all starve if they do"

Rumours and Gossip

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