Salisbury Courtly Year

Anual evenst in around the court of Sarum

Spring court

The local nobility arrive any time from the first of March onwards.

Easter is celebrated by Roman and British Christians at court, though not always on the same day, and Spring Equinox is a time of great celebration.

Duties and plans for the up coming year are planned at this time.

the Earls progress

If demanded by the King the Earl or his representatives will attend the Kings court, or perhaps fulfill some other duties at the request of the king.

If the king has left not summoned the earls court, then the earl will progress around his own lands. it is a great honour for a knight to host the Earls Court… and a very expensive one.


The single most important time of the year. All crops should be brought in by the full of the moon in September, if not well before. All knights and their men are expected to have completed their feudal duties before this time, and so have plenty of time to return home and ensure the gathering of the crops before winter sets in.

Winters court

Winter court is celebration from the winter solstice and all the way through to the new year. There is no obligation to attend, and the majority of nobles will celebrate this time at their own manors.

The Feast of the Fords

At the beginning of February the houses of Sir Gerin Lotha and Sir Emir host a lavish feast. This annual event is difficult for any other than most local of the nobility to attend due the impassibel nature of the roads, and the desperation of bandits at this time of year.

Salisbury Courtly Year

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