Sir Brychans Tale

The Tale of Sir Brychan

Orlando_Furioso_60.jpgThe Tale of Sir Brychan and his War-Band begins with the mysterious disappearance of the good knight’s father in law and bride, and soon leads to an encounter with the Maid of Wandborough…

taking the girl in hand seems easy enough at first, but soon the group are troubled by The Unkindness of Ravens

Seeking to protect the the mysterious maiden from the uncanny Ravens, our stout men at arms seek the aid of the the old ways

Traveling through the deep wood once more, we have a musical interlude and learn that even Myle is not irredeemably evil after all

the maid of Wandborough finally accepts her fate and sucumbs to the Ravens and the Witchcraft

After weeks of toil in the forest, our feathered friend leads Sir Brychans war-band to a A Warm Welcome.

But the period of rest is not as long as hoped and Sir Brychan finds himself under the shadow of a black spear .

after a dogged a pursuit, the frantic men at arms launch a raid against Sir Brychan’s captors, only to find themselves caught up in the machinations of the Gods

Eurasian_Brown_Bear.jpgWith their new companions in tow, out troop bear up under the strains of forest travel.

It soon becomes apparent that our newest traveling companion has a secret motive for helping Sir Brychan, and it is not long before he is forced into making A Dangerous Bargain

In this next part of this tall tale we see pigs fly and afterwards earn a place by the fire, before they can begin The long journey home

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Sir Brychans Tale

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