Notable Residents

Lady Aerona – Guardian maiden of Stapleford
Sir Carne – Cousin to Sir Gerin, younger brother to Guinedoc, son of Traherne, current steward of Stapleford

Notable Graves

Lady Brannwen – First wife of Sir Gerin, died in childbirth in winter 495
Sir Cai – First born son of Tangwyn, elder brother to Sir Traherne
Eldwyn – Squire to Sir Gerin, died in the preemptive strike on St. Albans in 495 fighting alongside his knight
Guinedoc – Esquire who was the bastard son of Traherne, elder brother to Sir Carne, died overseeing the construction of Guinedoc bridge in 493
Sir Tangwyn – Grandsire of the Lotha family
Sir Traherne – Son of Tangwyn, younger brother to Sir Cai, father to Guinedoc and Sir Carne. Oversaw the manor as it’s Steward during his life

Important structures and locales

Guinedoc bridge – wooden bridge opened in spring 494, named after Guinedoc who died during construction
Vinyard – planted in winter 492, expected to begin bearing fruit in the beginning of spring of 496
Apiary – constructed in winter 490
Dovecote – constructed in winter 490
Fishing pond – constructed in winter 490
Mill – constructed in winter 490
Bakery – constructed in winter 494
Stapleford Winery – constructed in winter 495
Statue of Aerona – Constructed in winter 496
Carpenters Workshop – Constructed in winter 496
Grove of Sucellus – planted in winter 496 on the grounds of the winery
Crypt of the Lotha family – Constructed in winter 496

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