The Old Steward

Songs of the Time

The Old Steward.

(Vaguely to the beat of Greensleeves)

Now listen friends,
To my tale well,
A story as true,
As the day is long

A tale of those
Who Watch our lands,
Of the Stewards of
Newton Ton-ny

The once, A Lord,
His Beard, Long,
His name lost
in the depths of time

But still we
recall him well,
In the land of
Newton Ton-ny

Though born high,
And raised well,
he viewed his men
As trusted friends,

Each winter he would,
Leave his hall
In the land of
Newton Ton-ny

When all around
Stayed in their beds
And doors were closed
and belly’s fed

The Steward would patrol,
His Lands
In the armour of
Newton Ton-ny.

On one night hs eyes,
Did Spy,
A band of brigands,
Swords held high,

Evil glinted
in their eyes
As they charged into
Newton Ton-ny

When the thieves did move
Into the town
All they saw
was an old man

His armour worn ,
his hammer heavy
As he guarded
Newton Ton-ny

They laughed as they
Did charge forwards,
Thinking the man
would be easy sport.

But these fools
Didn’t understand,
The Stewards of
Newton Ton-ny.

When the people
Awoke the next day,
Such a sight they
Could not believe.

Sewn about the
brigands were,
In the town of
Newton Ton-ny

Still standing there,
Though badly hurt,
his wounds bleeding,
and armour rent,

Still protecting his
Fellow Men,
Was the Steward of
Newton Ton-ny

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The Old Steward

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