The Sarum Gwessii

The Sarum Gwessii

in 498 AD the youthful Earl Robbert was forced to swear fealty to King Cerdic of Wessex. Since this time there has been a significant faction of them at the Sarum court

in order of precedence these people are

Theign Deowine – a surprisingly small man for a Saxon, he looks more Cymric than Saxon and he fits in well at the court. His jolly demeanor and quick wit is a refreshing change from the usual Saxon stereotype. He holds significant lands back in Saxony

Theign Osgar – An older man, with great battle experience. It is clear that he has yet to come to terms with absence of his left arm, and it is not unusual to find him in a melancholic state, grooming his horses rather than interacting with people.

Theign Leofwine – A very young Theign, with an open and friendly nature that goes some way towards compensating for his startling and very unsightly hair that sprouts at random from his body.

Valkyrie Eadburga – powerfully built, and with a unconventional beauty despite the scar that mars the right side of her face. She is irascible but, once you get on her good side, shows a pragmatic wisdom that is of great value to all who know her. her squire is none other than the daughter of Sir Saravinus Arilius : Arya Arilius. Valkyrie Eadburga is currently seeking a new husband (after the last one broke) amoungst the lords of the hundreds of Salisbury.

also at court are the Heorthgeneats

Sir Eadgar – Friendly enough, and grateful to have finaly won a wife through his loyal service in battle (the only way a face like that could ever get one say some)

Sir GlÆdwine – his lack of manners is all that prevents him from being a master of intrigue at court – there is a rapidly growing betting pool (£10&1/2 in April 498 AD) that he will be the first Gwessii Saxon Killed by either Sir Jarad , Sir Gerin Lotha or Sir Dolwyn Kellen.

Sir ÆÐelbeorht – his arrogance and pride are understood by the Pagan members of court, but tends to irritate the Christian contingent. But there is no arguing with his spear, Javlin and lance skills.

Sir Wilheard – This energetic warrior is a strikingly beautiful man, with hair that glimmers like gold in even the faintest of light. His Cymry bride is delighted with the her new husband, but less so with the admiring glances he earns from many of the women (and some of the men) at court. Lady Ellen has even been seen to blush when watching him in the practice yard it is said!

Sir Cyneheard – This energetic swordsman has even manged to earn the grudging respect of Sir Jarad. he is a formidable opponent for any man, but despite his massive frame, even the smallest of children are keen to be near him, and he seems to delight in joining their games. his childlike enthusiasms are oddly endearing

Lady Sunngifu – Her Alabaster skin and willowy body is poles apart from Valkyrie Eadburga, and she is arguably the most attractive lady at court. her new Cymric husband is delighted with this almost as much as he is by the vast wealth she has brought with her. She is charming, courteous and one of the most skilled horsewomen you have ever seen. she has also managed to integrate the most seamlessly at court, even beginning to strike up fragile friendships with knights and ladies who have good cause to hate all Saxons.

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The Sarum Gwessii

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