The historic centre of Branch & Dole, Tilshead serves as the seat of power for the Lord of the Hundred. Formerly controlled by Sir Amig before his untimely death in Cornwall his successor was then Sir Saravinus the Shrike in 493 AD, until his death at the hands of Saexwulf Fenrisget in 496 AD.

Bishop Rodger is now head of the hundred, but as Bishop, Lord of the Hundred and Chamberlain he spends the majority of his time at court these days, and has no immediate family to occupy Tilshead

the Lady Siani is often in residence when not at court, though now she is officially a guest in her own home, since her husbands death


(493 AD)

Lady Siani, wife to Sir Saravinus
Ayra Arilius, eldest child and daughter to Saravinus
boy, first born son of Saravinus

Sir Tomas’s household

Eoghan, Shire-Reeve for Branch & Dole
Thracius, Wall-Sargent of Tilshead


Rampart and Ditch

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