Uther Period

The Uther Period

The tales of Salisbury in the time of King Uther and Earl Rodderick

485 AD

The Newest of Knights – in which we meet the newly knighted squires of Salisbury, and follow them as they go on their first campaign against the Saxon menace: They must wrestle their conscience as they terrorise the peasant population in order to draw out the forces of King Aelle from behind their walls and ramparts…

486 AD

Riding the Rounds – Our young knights of Salisbury mourn their losses from the previous year, and are given the duty of guarding the lands of Salisbury whilst Earl Rodderick and his forces are away serving at the pleasure of the King.

The Other World and the telling of tales – in which mundane duties of border patrol are interrupted by a most fabulous and uncanny adventure!

487 AD

A Dish of Mushrooms and FishKing Uther honours Salisbury and holds his Christmas Court at Sarum this year; though the sacred laws of Hospitality will be tested to the extreme.


Best Served Cold – In which our squadron of knights put aside all thoughts of poison and relish the food placed before them!

We go by Sea – The Salisbury Knights take the battle to the enemy and raid the Saxon shore!

Blood on the decks – …but the sea exacts a heavy toll and a lost treasure is recovered, before the party return home

488 AD

New riders, New tasks – Newly reinforced, the squadron lay to rest the memories of the slain from last year, and march under the banner of the king! Service to the king is soon provided as they face a watery foe in the hideous fens of the west, before heading home to face A Wicked Winter

489 AD

The king summons his army to bring Duke Gorlois to heel at long last, and our squadron of knights are in the vanguard…

490 AD

The Battle of Lincoln is joined, and several of our beloved knights of Salisbury make a name for themselves; whilst others linger at deaths very own threshold…

Also in this year Sir Brychans Tale begins to unfold.

491 AD

Subjugating Cornwall: The siege of Tintagel is joined, and we lose one of our oldest friends….

492 AD

Treason, Abduction and Torture! – our Staunch Knights of Salisbury face what is arguably their greatest challenge ever!

493 AD

493 AD Compelled by oaths stronger than their own desires, the party present themselves for judgement and punishment at the hands of the church…


494 AD

Revelation, Manipulation and Exploration!

Rumours abound, the king is ill, Lady Ellens honour is besmirched, and whispers of treason escalate the frictions between Salisbury and Levcomagus, and now the Earl returns from the Queens court in London with unseemly haste…

495 AD – The Long March

In which our squadron of knights face extreme dangers not only at the Queens Court at Sarum, but also on the field of Battle at St Albans skull.png

495 AD – The Turning point

The battle between the Cymri and the Saxons continues, and a great victory is won…

Our Tale Now continues in The Anarchy

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