Historical Background

The fortified town of Wilton dates back to Roman times, where it was a major market town in the area. The great stone walls of the town are also of Roman construction, towering works of concrete and stone block artifice that both serve to intimidate would-be invaders and offer a sheltered area to live for it’s 200~ permanent residents. Since the development of Sarum as the county capital it has suffered for a decrease in trade, however the vivacious marketplace and the determination of it’s local merchants keeps the town afloat, if not in the grandeur it once had. More recently it has become the seat of power for the steward of Alderbury, serving to manage the lands surrounding the county capital of Sarum. In the Yuletide court of 495 a new Keeper of Wilton, Sir Gerin Lotha, was installed to both protect the town and maintain stewardship of the surrounding countryside.

Notable Structures and Locales

Nunnery – a relatively recent addition to the infrastructure of the town, it has become an important rest stop for religious travellers

Marketplace – A historic centerpiece of the town, traders from all of Salisbury and beyond can be found here.
Mint – The royal mint in the town has been charted since Roman times to produce additional coinage for Logress and beyond, however it has remained cold for the last 60 years.

Notable Residents

Sir Gerin Lotha – Current Keeper of Wilton, lord of the hundred of Alderbury
Gwyneth – Daughter of Sir Gerin born in 492, twin to Medrawd who is currently serving Bishop Rodger from winter 495
Rhys – Son of Sir Gerin born in 494
Sir Cirdan Lotha – Brother to Sir Gerin, currently serving as head huntsman of the town
Cystennin – Squire to Sir Cirdan
Lady Ceri – Wife of Sir Cirdan
Elen – Daughter of Sir Cirdan born in 494
Captain Cadwgan – Captain of the guard
Sergeant Nerth – 1st Sergeant of the walls
Sergeant Mercher – 2nd Sergeant of the walls
Sergeant Caerau – 3rd Sergeant of the walls
Sergeant Calder – 4th Sergeant of the walls
Sister Mererid – Sister Supreme of Wilton Nunnery
Cynwal – Head of the merchant freemen of Wilton
Trent – Reeve of Wilton

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